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Brenda Nicholas

Brenda Nicholas is an Associate Professor of English at Temple College & poetry editor of Hybridities. She earned her M.A. in English at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY, and her M.F.A at UNC-Wilmington. 


Online Publications

The Griffel

"Dear Tubs"

"How to Make Boxed Shells in 8 Easy Steps," & "When Soap Operas Follow Fairy Tale Plots"

"Woman on Edge"

La Presa
Two ekphrastic poems responding to R.C. Gorman's art: "Climb Out!" & "If"

"Reflection," "Woman, Flower, Midsummer Night," "Spring Dance"

Menacing Hedge

"Child's Pose,""Chair Pose," & "Corpse Pose"

“Bratz Dolls Ask Brunette, Roxxi Bratz, to Write Response Letter to Critics Who Say the Dolls “Encourage girls to think about themselves as sexualized objects”

The 3 Quarter Review

More Places to Find My Poems


"I See This Sculpture and Think My Back is Not a Bridge," Sand Hills Literary Magazine, Volume #25

"Gossip," Connecticut River Review, 2021

"Leonine Mane," "For the Woman Who Eats Dirt," & "I Need Dramamine," Evening Street Review, Number 31

“How Long Can a Butterfly Live?”, Adanna, Issue #8 

“Three Odes to a Tactile Past,” Snapdragon, summer 2017

“Cinderella’s Night Out,” The Helix, fall 2014. Print

“She, Artichoke,” The Jet Fuel Review, fall 2014. 

“Karma Spider,” Illya’s Honey, November 2011. Print

“Public Spectacles,” Red River Review, August 2011. Print

“Swig.” Main Channel Voices, January, 2008. Print

“I Taste Fire." Rumble: Micro fiction Magazine, November 2007

"Bird of Paradise Pose," The Avocet, Fall 2020


News & Events


  Adrift a Fourth Wave featured at Book People in Austin, TX!

Promo piece for They Call Us Zine about my poem "Money as Factory."
video conferencing
Top row: Dr. Bev Van Note, Tina
Cabrera, Dr. Christopher Krejci. Bottom row: Dr. Robert Hamilton, Brenda Nicholas
We had a terrific turnout for our 
faculty reading on March 3rd!
A grand time 
was had by all. I'm lucky to 
work with such talented 

Hari Om, Hurry Home makes the news!

video conferencing
TDT 7-6-2021 TC publishes Poetry.jpg
Poetry cont..jpg
I won a poetry fellowship for Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing, happening this summer!


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